Tile Floors for Your Bathroom Remodel

Starting The TIle Installation

As with any home improvement project the foundation or framework of your project sets the course for the likelyhood of a job well done or not. We bathroom floors or walls for the tile installation first. We make sure that your kitchen floor is uniform, level, at the proper thickness, and in overall good condition. If the floor is not level or in good condition we will need to repair and level your kitchen floor before installing the tile.

Laying Out the Tile Pattern

As a rule we lay tile from the center of the room to the edges so as to minimize the amount of cut tile to the edges of the room and near walls. We do this by finding the center of the room and then snapping chalk lines of where the tiles should go. This gives us a guideline for our installation.

Applying the Thin Set Morter and Laying the Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

The first thing is to prepare for the installation. Get all your buckets, morter, tile, tools, and yourself ready for the install and close to the work area so you are not having to get up and go get tools and material. It is key to mix the tiles from individual boxes of tile to get a uniform look ( Shuffle the Deck ). We will not get into how to prepare the morter here but follow the manufactures instructions.

Applying the Morter

Starting at the cross section in the middle of the room apply a three foot section of morter with a trowel. After laying the tile morter using the notched side of the trowl using clean staight not wavy strokes we remove and uniform the morter.

Laying the Bathroom Tile

Now after you have mixed your tile you are ready to start laying your ceramic tile. Gently apply the first tile by making sure it is square with your guide lines and then press down and slowly twist to get get contact with the morter. To keep the grout lines uniform use spacer tabs at the corners and in the middle of all sides of each porcelain tile.

Applying Grout

After the tile has had time to set in the thin set its time to remove the tile spacers and start grouting. Mix the grout and have a bucket of water on and as well. You will need grout, a ruber trowel, large sponge, water, and grout haze remover. Using the rubber trowl tilt it at about a 35° - 45° angle and cross the grout lines at or about the same angles pushing the grout in to the grout lines. With a damp sponge remove the excess grout rinsing the sponge frequently. Even after using the sponge to remove excess grout you may still have a haze on the tile, use the haze remover acording to the manufactures directions to remove the remaining haze from your bathroom ceramic tile floor.


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A major design element to your bathroom remodel is the flooring and for the purpose of this document - Tile Flooring. Design in the bathroom should follow through to the ceramic tile floors. Floor color, tile patterns, and tile materials should reflect the attitude of your League City Bathroom Remodel.

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